[ANNOUNCEMENT] JYH ‘Choice of Future’ Drama Support Project [EN/KOR/ES/PO]

Hello to all Emotional Angels!

As you know, JYH is confirmed for a drama comeback! Who’s excited? /raise hand/ We are ecstactic that he’ll be back in the drama department after 2 years. For his upcoming drama, we are preparing a support project just like what we did during his birthday celebrating in Blue Moon Manila 😉 but this time it will be BIGGER.  Our support plan below:

  1. Rice Wreath for the Press Conference
  2. Food support***

***For the food support we are going to be part of the UNITED FAN SUPPORT for JYH in Choice of Future.  

So how can you support? You may donate,  bid for Yonghwa’s banners  or  buy our merchandise (coming soon!).

This is a BIG project for us and we really appreciate any form of help. We will update you more on this matter so stay tuned! Lets all make it happed for uri Emotional Leader

*Any fan clubs who want to join us please do let us know by email cnbyonghwa[@]gmail[.]com

Thank you,
CNBYonghwa Team

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Blue Moon Support Project

Hello to all Yonghwa fans!

As you guys know, we have support project for CNBLUE’s Blue Moon tour. Right now, we successfully finished our support project for Hong Kong and Philippines. Please read the details for each country below: <additional countries may be added>

Don’t forget that we are also supporting CNBLUE School. If you don’t know what’s CNBLUE School, click here

Hong Kong

Philippines (JYH 24th BDAY PROJECT)
*FINISHED* Financial Report

– Standing banner (in collaboration w/ @CnBluemexicocom & Emotional Angels Peru)
– Coffee giveaway (in collaboration w/ @CnBlueBrazil_4)
– Limited button pins
– Photo cards
– Excess amount to be donated for CNBLUE School

For this project to be successful, we need your help by donating any amount you want. We appreciate any support we can get. A little amount can make a difference 🙂

  • International: Donate by Paypal (1201jenna@gmail.com) Please also pay the FEE by choosing I’m making personal payments so we can get the full amount.

Please image below: Choose I’m making personal payments

  • Malaysia: Local Bank transfer (Maybank) *must take a photo or scan deposit slip*
    Interested parties please leave a comment below so we can contact you for bank details 🙂
  • PH: Local Bank transfer (China Bank) *must take a photo or scan deposit slip*
    Interested parties please leave a comment below so we can contact you for bank details 🙂

Lets all unite together and dive into Blue Moon madness! Please help us spread the word.

Thank you,

Birthday Project Report

Hello Emotional Angels!!!

On behalf of all CNBYonghwa Admins and staffs, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation to all the kind hearted International fansites and individual donors for your non stop support for our every launched project for our Jung Yonghwa.

On June 15 all our gifts were delivered to FNC , delivered by our head admin and received by one of the FNC fan manager.For his birthday gifts for this year, we have prepared Acoustic Guild guitar with Taylor strap, Bose wireless speaker and a message book.




Once again, our deepest thank you for all the donors.


~CNBYonghwa Team

CNBYonghwa message for Jung Yonghwa for his 6th Debut Anniversary

151007 twit poster 6th yr

To our beloved Jung Yong Hwa
Can’t believe it’s been 6 years already since you started.
You’ve grown to be extra talented musician and awesome actor from Shin Woo to Park DalHyang. You’ve shown us you’re really a multi talented artist that we adore.
This year you let us know you more through your solo album.  This just show us the “hard working artist Jung Yong Hwa ” Please continue producing good music that serves an inspiration to us and hoping to see you again in drama because we miss the Actor Jung Yong Hwa too.
We will always be there for you until you reach your dreams. There will be some obstacle along the way but rest assured that we will be with you every step, until you reach to the top of the world. Will continue to pray for your Good health and success.

151007 twit header 6th yr

[Project Report] CNBLUE 2gether – Food Support

On behalf of CNBYonghwa team, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all our awesome contributors and international  CNBLUE fan clubs for your support in our “2015 CNBLUE 2gether Album Project”.

10 sandwich boxes were provided to Cultwo Show SBS on Sept 17, 2015 and all expenses were used from the remaining fund of OFD and OMFD.

receipt food support

receipt food support

Sticker for Sandwich Box

Sticker for Sandwich Box



사진 1 사진 2 사진 3

2015 CNBYH Financial Report

[PROJECT REPORT/REVISED FINANCIAL REPORT] Rice Wreath for Jung YongHwa One More Fine Day Concert

Hello Emotional Angels and International Boices!!!

On behalf of CNBYonghwa team, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all our awesome contributors and international  CNBLUE fan clubs for your support in our “2015 Jung Yonghwa One More Fine Day Concert Project”.

Our rice wreaths were placed in One More Fine Day encore concert held on July 18 and 19 in Olympic hall, Seoul.

We ordered 200kg of rice wreath with medium size banner and 4 flower standee which cost 97,400 yen (equivalent to 900,000 won)

revised financial report of JYH Bday & rice wreath for OMFD

revised financial report of JYH Bday & rice wreath for OMFD

OMFD concert rice wreath 1 OMFD concert rice wreath 2 OMFD concert rice wreath 3 OMFD concert rice wreath 5 OMFD concert rice wreath 6 OMFD concert rice wreath 7 OMFD concert rice wreath 8 OMFD concert rice wreath 9 OMFD concert rice wreath 10 OMFD concert rice wreath 12 OMFD concert rice wreath 13 OMFD concert rice wreath 14

receipt of rice wreath for OMFD encore concert from Starme (Yen)

receipt of rice wreath for OMFD encore concert from Starme (97,400 Yen = 900,000 Won)

The wordings for 10 ribbons of flower standees as follows:

정용화 세계 팬 연합
Int’l Boices & Emotional Angels
최고의 가수 정용화 고맙습니다
최고의 밴드 정용화 밴드 고맙습니다
Thank You JYH Band



Gracias YongHwa

شكراً , جونج يونج هوا

The donation of 200kg of rice was published in article on July 22, 2015 as follows. http://m.bundangnews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=10707

150722 Press Pic of Rice Wreath

150722 Press Pic of Rice Wreath


Design of Medium Size Banner

banner design

banner design

Design of A3 Posters in Flower Standees

150718 OFD encore con A3 size 4150718 OFD encore con A3 size 3150718 OFD encore con A3 size 2150718 OFD encore con A3 size 1

[Financial Report] Jung YongHwa 27th Birthday Projects

Hello Emotional Angels!!!

Once again on  behalf of CNBYonghwa team, we would like to say THANK YOU to all our awesome contributors all over the world and International fan clubs for  your support in our Jung YongHwa 27th Birthday Projects.

Below is our financial report and receipts :



revised receipt for flower

Message Flower Basket


receipt messagebook 2

Birthday Congratulatory Message Book






Shipping receipts from Japan to Korea



* The birthday book is on process and will be shipped on 13th June together with earphone.*

~CNBYonghwa Team

[Project Report/Final] Jung YongHwa 27th Birthday Project

 Hello Emotional Angels!

For our WordStar Jung Yonghwa’s 27th birthday, we have prepared for message flower basket, fostex earphones with Jung Yonghwa logo, the customized appreciation plaque and  birthday message book. All thanks to you, international fan clubs and individual donors all over the world.

On June 4, message flower basket and the customized appreciation plaque were delivered to FNC office in hand together with birthday cards.

On June 16, birthday book and earphone with Jung Yonghwa logo were shipped to FNC by registered EMS.

We sincerely appreciate for international fan sites and emotional angels from all over the world.






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[ARTWORK CONTEST] Jung YongHwa 27th Birthday Project

In celebration of our Worldstar Jung YongHwa 27th birthday, Boices and EAs gather around bring out the inner artist in us.

The followings are entries of artworks from all over the world.

To vote the winner, please click the link of face book and give artworks your likes.


Entry 1.



Entry 2.



Entry 3.



Entry 4.




Entry 5.

Katherine Baltar



Entry 6.

Dominique Riveiro : YH - King Of Hearts

@Nicky892 : YH – King Of Hearts


Entry 7.



mennajyh 2




Entry 8.



Entry 9.

Carbonell Eliana

Carbonell Eliana

Carbonell Eliana 2

[Notice Eng/Jap] ARTWORK CONTEST for Jung YongHwa 27th Birthday Project

YH Bdae Artwork Poster ENGYH Bdae Artwork Poster JAP


Its that time again, the time to celebrate our Worldstar Jung Yonghwa’s birthday!!!
Boice and EAs gather around and bring out the inner artist in you because this time around we will celebrate Yonghwa’s birthday with an artwork!!!

Theme: Birthday greetings

Submit your entries by sending it to cnbyonghwa@gmail.com attaching your NAME, facebook URL, twitter account, country and ARTWORK ENTRY.
Strictly observe ORIGINALITY & DESIGN.

2.Entries submitted will equally have the right to be awarded as the WINNER. Submission of entries starts May 15-25

3.Criteria for Judging:
30% = Facebook Audience (Most Liked Entry)
30% = CNBYonghwa admins and staffs (We assure you we won’t be BIASED)
40%= Creativity and originality

4. Liking period starts on May 26 to June 3

5.Winners will be declared June 10

6. Any questions or inquiries, feel free to email us in cnbyonghwa@gmail.com

*Artwork can be traditional art pencil stuff or digital.
*Prizes will be given to 5 chosen artworks and will be included in our birthday message book for Yonghwa.

Notice of art work contest in Jap









1.アート作品は、オリジナルの作品であれば、ハンドライティングのものから、デジタル作品まで、ジャンルは問いません。あなたのファンアートを添付したメールに、お名前、国名、お持ちの方はTwitterIDとFacebookのURL (公開されたくない方は、その旨ご記入ください) を記入の上、ARTWORK ENTRYというタイトルで下記までお送りください。






30% = Facabookでの評価(“いいね”が多くつけられた作品)

30% = CNBYonghwaのスタッフによる評価 (公平に評価いたします)

40%= 創造性とオリジナリティによる評価

4.Facebookでの“いいね”の評価期間は5月26日(火)〜6月3 日(水)といたします。









[ENG/JAP] Jung YongHwa 27th Birthday Support Project

YH Bithday Donations Poster


Hello Emotional Angels!!
It’s that time again, the time to celebrate our Worldstar Jung Yonghwa’s birthday!!!

After a long discussion and brainstorming, we have decided that our birthday gifts will be an earphone, customized appreciation trophy (plaque) and a flower basket.

How to participate?
By donating any amount. No minimum donation. This would help us a lot and we appreciate any amount you donate.We are open for donations via:
1.Paypal (recommended if you have an account & International) [Please email us for the new paypal account. We won’t use previous paypal account for Birthday Project.]
**Please also pay the FEE by choosing I’m making personal payments so we can get the full amount.**

2.For those who don’t have paypal account, pls let us know by email or by twitter. We will try to find another way of money transfer.

Note: We do not encourage international bank transfers as the charges involved could be quite hefty. PayPal’s charges are only about 4% of the amount of money to be transferred.

*Any fan clubs who want to join us please do let us know by email cnbyonghwa[@]gmail[.]com
After sending your donations, please email us at cnbyonghwa@gmail.com with the following details:
> Name of donor & country
> Twitter ID
> Amount of donation
> Birthday message to our worldstar

*Together with the donations from the birthday project, since we have balance from the fund of our One Fine Day project, we will spend this money for birthday project as well. Hence for those international FCs and donors who have already donated for One Fine Day project, they will be automatically included in our birthday project.
**For those intl fcs & donors who participated in OFD project, please email us your written birthday message.
***Deadline of donation & submission of birthday messages is on June 3

****Kindly note that we have a new paypal account for donations. Please email us for more details on our new paypal account and we would gladly assist you.


ジョン・ヨンファ 誕生日お祝いプロジェクトのお知らせです!



ジョン・ヨンファ 誕生日お祝いプロジェクト



















連絡先Email:  cnbyonghwa@gmail.com






寄付下さった方は、下記の項目を、cnbyonghwa@gmail.com まで必ずご連絡ください。














今回寄せられます寄付とともに、先に行われましたOne Fine Dayサポートプロジェクトでみなさまよりお預かりした寄付の残額も使用させていただきます。


したがいまして、先のOne Fine Day サポートプロジェクトにご参加いただいた個人及びグループのみなさまにおかれましては、自動的にこの誕生日お祝いプロジェクトにご参加いただいているということになります。